Clutch City Cluckers

Kens 5 – Clutch City Cluckers opens in San Antonio | An exclusive look at their menu items

Hungry? There’s a new food truck in San Antonio you can check out.

SAN ANTONIO — If you think you can handle some hot, hot chicken, there’s a place you can visit in the Alamo City. It’s a truck that started in Houston with the motto “cluck it likes it hot.”

Clutch City Cluckers has so many people following them on social media in Houston. And we started asking people, ‘Where would you like to see the next truck?’ A big shout out came out from San Antonio,” said Marketing Representative Kim Beechner. “So, we decided to put the truck here.”

The truck is on 7038 UTSA Boulevard, and it’s huge, as in 28 by 8 feet.

“Our truck is ginormous. It’s definitely bigger than any food truck you’ve seen in San Antonio. And we’ve done our very best to deck it out. So, you have all of these Instagram shots. We have a big neon sign that you can stand in front of. We even built a stage that you can climb up and stand in front of it,” said Beechner.

But we couldn’t not come here and see the most popular menu items:

The Classic Cluck it Like it’s Hot Chicken Sandwich

Credit: KENS 5
“This is what we’re known for. It’s chicken tenders on a brioche bun with coleslaw and sliced pickles,” said Beechner.

The Spicy Juicy Lucy

“Our new creation — it’s next level. If you love cheese, you’re going to love this,” said Beechner. You get four slices of Texas toast stuffed with cheese, cole slaw, tenders and pickles, starting at $10.

Credit: KENS 5
You can also customize your spice. We couldn’t come here and not try the hottest of the hot, AKA the Clucket Like it’s Hot.

“Clutch City Cluckers is taking it to the next level with a whole variety of different spices,” said Beechner.

We tried it and can confirm — it’s hot!

Credit: KENS 5
So, if you’re looking for a new place to visit, you can visit Clutch City Cluckers website here for more information, such as hours and more locations in Texas.

“We’re here, baby. So, come on out and give us a try!” said Beechner.